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Eagles make their move!
With an impressive display which undoubtedly saw most of the team lounging on the sofa, or down the pub getting rat arsed, the Eagles where still able to muster enough mental strength to see off Lambeth Tigers!
The truth being of course that Lambeth Tigers failed to get their suspension lifted by the League and the Eagles were awarded the 3 points.
The Eagles were disappointed by this, as having scored 10 against the Tigers in the two meetings between the clubs so far this season, this was clearly an opportunity to improve the goal difference. That and there was the distinct possiblility that Matt S could actually score a goal this season and thus win his bet against Luke!
The three points had a very positive impact on the Eagles League position though, with them leaping up to 3rd place. Having played more games than some of those below them, it's important that the Eagles continue to take maximum points from their next few league matches or else they could see the positions switch around drastically.
A pessimist would suggest that maybe Lambeth Tigers deliberately didn't get their ban lifted in order to avoid the humiliation of a third heavy defeat to the Eagles!!! It's actually more likely that they couldn't afford to pay the fines though, assuming fines are the reason for the ban!
So although we want to play Lambeth in order to get six points and a hatful of goals, showing the true Eagles fair play spirit, let's hope they get themselves sorted out, get the ban lifted and keep playing! We know it's tough in the first season or two (and with Neil Belton in charge it's tough for 3 or 4 years!!), but if you persevere and get through the first season things do become easier! At the end of the day it's all about football and we want 10 teams in the division not 8!
Other news from this weekends matchs saw Netherne Sunday pick up another win against Dulwich Bohemians A and open up a clear gap in second place, now just 3 points behind league leaders Santa Cruz.
Santa Cruz themselves DESTROYED Nuwood 13-1 in the Chairmans Cup Quarter Final to not only maintain their winning streak, but to also set up a Semi Final match against one of the early Division One favourites Dulwich Bohemians A.
In the Eagles half of the draw, Ewell Park thrashed Southbank A 7-1 in the first round, to set up the expected Quarter Final clash against Division Two high fliers Shaftesbury. The winner will face the Eagles in the Semi Final.
Santa Cruz have to be installed as heavy favourites, but the Eagles are up thier as second favourites having already defeated Ewell Park and Dulwich Bohemians A in the league.

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