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Hall of Fame!
This page is an opportunity for us to highlight those players whose efforts over the years have contributed to the continued improvement of the Eagles, as well as to immortalise those whose performances pushed them into early retirement!
Please note the order the names appear is in no way reflective of their contribution.

John Painter Earned himself the nickname 'Calamity' very early in his career and proved that it was well deserved on many, many occasions! John's forte was shot stopping and he could pretty much always be depended on to save any shot that was hit at him and deserved cat like reflexes. Unfortunately any other kind of shot, especially the lob, could see John floundering. Often thought to be susceptable to the lob even in 5 a side, John warrants his place on the hall of fame down to one or two stupendous saves that outweigh all the mistakes and the fact that he had two entries in the top five of the Eagles Most Memorable Moments!
Steve Painter Top goal scorer 5 seasons in a row, Steve has proven his value to the team. Always the reliable, dependable striker in the team he's the one most players would back to score in a one on one. Not afraid to throw himself in amongst the boots if it means getting on the score sheet, his absence through injury will surely be an effect on the team. The gauntlet has been thrown down to the pretenders to Steve's throne. A tight finish to top scorer last season suggests one of them is ready to take up the challenge. Will Steve return to defend his crown? Let's hope so.
Nick Ainsley Only player in the team to do the clean sweep of trophies for the Eagles in one season. Most improved player, Managers Player and Players Player, it's a feat unlikely to be repeated. Despite his appalling own goal in the dying seconds of the League Plate Semi Final 2001/2002, which put us in a penalty shoot out we eventually lost, Nick will be forever named in the Hall of Fame.
Marc Howden Probably the player in the squad who has worked the hardest to try and secure a place in the starting line up. Has adjusted a game that was totally attack minded to a solid balance of attack and defence. Has come to be relied upon for his versatility. His coolness in front of goal has given him an impressive scoring record for the Eagles playing as a wingback on both flanks, central midfielder and striker during the last 4 and a half seasons. Currently suffering with a herniated disc and with his Sunday League career in the balance, we wish him a speedy recovery and if football is no longer possible this place in the hall of fame in some way recognises his contribution.
Clinton Curate Big Man' as he's otherwise known, Clinton came into the side at the perfect time for the Eagles. With a defence wavering on the incompetent and only Gav Lucas as a regular, we need someone to come in and add some bite to the tackle, some composure under pressure and some experience to a promising team. Clint did that in spades. Not only did the old boy give a boost of confidence to the team, his presence allowed the other defenders around him to improve into the well marshalled, disciplined unit it is today. Amazingly slow, Clint's biggest asset was his ability to read the game. Unfortunately for us and for Clint a minor tumble under the challenge of a 6 year old ended up with Clint being forced into retirement on Doctor's orders. Although we'll all for get what he looks like within a couple of weeks, his name will be on the Hall of Fame for ever.
Think you deserve a place in the Hall of Fame? Think you know someone who does? Let us know.........