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Coach's Corner

Welcome to a new section in the Eagles dynasty! With the recent addition to the coaching staff of Luke Bellord, the Eagles players can expect to be put through their paces in the quest for excellent. Below Luke sets out his aspirations for the season.......

First off, let me start by saying that I wont be throwing tea cups or taking us on 50 mile runs through the Scottish highlands in a bid to improve our fortunes for the forthcoming season. When Matt first discussed the possibility of me helping share the workload, long before Ollie's outburst by email :-), I wanted to be sure that I could actually bring something to the table that was going to help us. And I reckon I can. But it's not going to be a magic wand. It'll take hard work and a will to improve from everyone.

Let's not kid ourselves, we've been 'potentially a very good side' for far too long. So long in fact that we've all past our 'potential'stage and reached our supposed 'prime'. (That's a very loose 'prime') This season is one we must deliver in. It's not a massive ask, it's simply what we as a team have to do. We must all take on that extra bit of responsibility and be prepared to run the extra yard.

I think the most encouraging thing last season, was our ability to hold on to the end and see out 1-0 or other one goal victories without suddenly all growing three left feet in the last 5 minutes and panicking as though someone had said if we concede a goal now we'll be shot at dawn. We won some good games and played some fine football. In short, we developed a backbone. We need to build on that this season.We need to make sure that every player in every position knows exactly what is required of him/her during the game. We will be working on that throughout the summer.

No matter which team you pick from our squad this season it'll be a strong one. And what with constant rumours in the press about new signings and cash injections, it looks like the management will certainly have some tough decisions to make. They will however, be made slightly easier by those that don't turn up for training. It's not going to be mathematical equations and rocket science throughout pre-season, but at times we will be working on team shape and position specific exercises.A must if we are to be serious about improving as a unit, and will obviously only benefit the players that are present. I don't believe in training being mundane and fitness intensive at this level, by all means do your running in your own time (yeah, ha ha), but when we meet up for training we should use the majority of that time for improving on the one thing we need 15 other people for, a football squad.

See you pre-season.