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The Team!

These next few pages contain a brief biography of the current team.
In no particular order you'll find all of the current Eagles squad.


Matt 'The athlete' Seabrook

First up, the gaffer. Founder of the club along with Steve Painter, thats probably the only reason he gets to play! Where most other players have doubled their skill levels over the last few years, hes doubled his weight! Rumour has it of a diet, but more likely to be the "See Food" diet as opposed to Atkins! 6 goals in the last 2 seasons doubled his tally of 3 in the previous 5!! 10 goals is the target for this year!



Adam 'Sam' Bennett

Nicknamed after the cartoon fireman for obvious enough reasons, Adam is one of several players we now have that can run and run and run until his knee pops ou. This is very useful for the slightly less fit players who can punt the ball with a cry of AV IT and watch Adam chase down the wing after it like a whippet. Unfortunately for us, work keeps him away from the team to often.





Luke 'Bubble' Bellord

Easily the most technically gifted player in the team Luke has been the focal point of the team. Despite abandoning the team for a season to go travelling and pick up a wife, he came back and fitted straight into the heart of the midfield. Having joined the coaching staff last summer, we'll be looking to Luke to help move the Eagles on to the next level!



Nick 'Own Goal' Ainsley

Scorer of an own goal in the dying seconds of extra time in a cup semi final, that we eventually went on to lose on penalties, Nick has stepped up from fabulous centre back, to fabulous central midfielder. Rumours of a place up front are strongly denied by the management! His aerial ability adds great strength to the team, but no, hell never be allowed to forget that own goal!




Nathan 'Narth' Bellord

One of the few truely versatile players in the squad, Narth has played in practically every position. A good keeper, solid defender and very good striker, he brings plenty of options to the squad. He has pace, passing and shooting in the bag! Likely to be a bit player this season due to other commitments, we know he'll perform whenever called upon.





Ben 'I know everything' Seabrook

Another player who has been used in several different positions, Ben has established himself as a striker. Thinks he's better than he is, but does have stacks of potential. If he listens to what he's told and continues to improve as in previous seasons, then things look good for the Eagles. If he continues to argue we could find ourselves looking for another striker!! Has a great chance of being top scorer for years to come.